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Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith

South Kent Coast CCG lay member for governance

Alistair Smith, lay member on the governing body, has a lead role for the CCG in overseeing key elements of governance. Alistair started his career with the National Audit Office and he has held board level finance roles with multinational companies and was the Chairman of Trustees for two large pension schemes. He is now an independent consultant and finance director for two small companies based in the UK and France. 

Alistair is keen to ensure that public funds are used to the benefit of the population and that appropriate finance, risk and assurance systems are in place to make sure that the member practices, the NHS Commissioning Board and, most importantly, the public, have confidence in the governance of the new organisation.

He and his wife live in Littlestone where he enjoys walking his dog, playing golf, watching rugby and cricket and cooking.