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HeadStart Kent

HeadStart Kent worked with schools to set up ‘Speak Out’ youth groups in schools and they have now joined Kent Youth County Council group to form ‘Kent Youth’.

Young people involved in Speak Out instigated and planned a range of fun training activities over the summer holidays. Attendees have undertaken First Aid training and coproduction training including presentation skills. They started planning and filming videos about their involvement in coproduction activities.

The young people set up a Building Resilience campaign group at Youth Voice and worked on a campaign to help build resilience in young people across Kent.

An essential component of the campaign is the creation and development of the Resilience Hub: an online space that will support people to build emotional resilience – it was developed with the active participation of young people to make sure that it met their needs and have produced a video to explain the hub.

Young people in the Building Resilience campaign group have agreed to start the planning for the Big Conversation 2020. The first planning session took place during the September 2019 Youth Voice meeting. Kent Event Centre is booked for March 2020.

HeadStart have also launched Moodspark – a new website that is a place where young people aged 10-16 can learn how to look after their emotional and mental health and find ways to help them bounce back when life gets tough. It was developed and tested with young people and they encourage all young people who visit the site to get involved in improving it further.