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NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

NELFT provide child and adolescent mental health services across Kent and Medway and are committed to involving children and young people in the design of their services. Here are just three examples:

1. Mental Health Support Teams in North Kent

This initiative is a pioneering approach to help tackle mental health and wellbeing of children and teenagers, in schools and colleges. Young people were involved in setting up the new service and influenced: 

  • An agreed name change for the service to ‘Emotional Wellbeing Team’ as they did not like ‘mental health’ being associated with the team’s name
  • A new logo for the service
  • Promotional materials and referral documents for the service

2. Medway

Following attendance at a Young Minds webinar called "An Introduction to Parent and Carer Participation", clinicians  are recruiting young people who are interested in participation to help shape the services offered at the NELFT clinic in Medway.


In Thanet, NELFT held an information afternoon for Young People and Carers in December 2019. The poster to invite participants was designed by a young person.  The afternoon explained how attendees could become a NELFT Involvement Representative and what it entailed. There is now a cohort of service users who want to be actively involved and engaged in contributing to improving the service at Orchard House.