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This web page is designed to help you understand health services in the South Kent Coast area – and how you can make a difference. 
The area covered by NHS South Kent Coast Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is diverse, and is home to a wide range of people.But those living in Deal, Dover, Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh all have one thing in common – at one time or another, at some time in their lives, they need the NHS – the people’s NHS. 



Since the time that the NHS was formed in 1948, the society that is serves has changed. There have been advances in medicine and technology, and this has resulted in many old diseases – such as diphtheria being largely eradicated in the UK. These developments have led to many people leading healthier – and longer – lives.

However, we’re now confronted with diseases that are commonly associated with an ageing society, such as dementia and type-2 diabetes. These conditions can be managed, with the right care, but require a different approach.

Those with such conditions require the care of a whole range of different people with varied specialisms and knowledge – and this care has to be linked. 



Complex, long-term conditions often don’t appear alone – there may be multiple health problems sometimes physical or sometimes emotional. This means that on many occasions, more is needed than the traditional large hospital.

Many people still think of the traditional family doctor, and the large hospitals where patients stay overnight. But most people would prefer – if possible – to lead an independent life at home, and have access to a support network and help when they need it. 

And they would also prefer to get more involved in their local health service – to know what’s going on and why. They want to have a say – whether it’s for them, or on behalf of a loved one.

In the South Kent Coast area, we have stories to tell about how the modern NHS operates – which is paid for by you – works for you.  

In South Kent Coast, our story is your story.  


Become part of the story

If you want to help shape the NHS – the people’s NHS – in the South Kent Coast area, we’d love to see you and hear from you.

We hold regular events in the community – including Deal, Dover, Folkestone and Romney Marsh – and hold governing body meetings in public.

Our Health Network enables you to be regularly updated an informed, and we can provide advice on how you join a patient participation group at your GP practice.

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